Take the road N-II to Anglesola (exit 504 direction to Valle de Aran), then take the road C-148 to Alfarrás. Once there, take N-230 to Pont de Suert. 2 Km further, the indicated detour to Vall de Boí, L- 500. 25m after arriving to Taüll/Tahull, on the right hand, you will find our campsite.

Go to Zaragoza, then Lleida, N-230 (Valle de Aran) to Pont de Suert. Or follow this route: Zaragoza, Huesca, Barbastro, Benabarre, Pont de Suert.

At Montrejeau take N-125 direction to Valle de Aran, Vielha, tunnel of Vielha, Vilaller and 10km further, the indicated detour to Vall de Boí.


Airports and Airlines:

Public transport:

                 Pobla de Segur (40km): . It's necesarry to continue by bus.


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